FUSHEN Electric Tractor 3.0Ton Model :QDD301T


Model : QDD301T: Load capacity ; 3000kg
Operator type : Seated
Drive :Electric
Wheelbase : 1105mm
Tyre type : Sold rubber
Tyre size front/rear : 4.00-8mm
Overall height : 1335mm
Turning radius :1780mm
Travel speed : 7/15 km/h
Service brake : Hydraulic
Parking brake : Mechanical
Battery voltage ; 48/240 V/Ah
Steering design: Electronic
Wheel material : Rubber

Electric tow tractor QDD301T provides the ideal horizontal transport solution for transporting material and trolleys with ergonomic features– spacious legroom, side removal battery, and cabin options.
- User-centered design for operation comfort and easy maintenance.(Provides a spacious legroom with the lower pedals, lower operating console, and adjustable steering wheel for usage in confined space.)
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.(Adopts big solid rubber tyres which caters to both flat ground and uneven surfaces in warehouses, production and logistics centers. It also provides an semi-enclosed cabin and a fully enclosed cabin as options to suit all-weather conditions.
- Low center of gravity for stability assurance.
- Market-proven components for durability and reliable performance.

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