FUSHEN Electric Tow Tugs ( Model : ML600)


Model : ML600: Power supply : Electric
Operating type : Walking style
Max traction weight : 6000kg
Wheelbase : 900mm
Sizes of drive wheel : 2 x 455 x 117 mm
Tire type : Rubber
Brake type : Electromagnetic
Battery voltage : 4 x 6/203V/ah
Noise type : <70 dB(A)

Electric Tow Tugs,safe for the operator and the environment .
These utility vehicles are able to transport your products through narrow spaces smoothly and efficiently, which is especially useful for warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

 Highly Maneuverable – These tugs can manoeuvre into tight spaces where other larger industrial vehicles simply will not fit.
 Increase Productivity – These vehicles are small but strong, meaning they can quickly tow heavy products and heavy amounts of products throughout the workspace. 
Moving More Than Just Products – This type of vehicle saves you the trouble of walking or driving larger vehicles around job sites near dangerous machinery. A personal carrier will be able to ferry you around while navigating around the machinery or aisle and keep your workforce safe.

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